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ways to increase sex stamina

First timer here; how can I enhance sex time?

When deciding what to do on your first night out, a lot will hinge on your hobbies, preferences, and the company you keep. Whether you’re doing it alone, with a special someone, or with a group of friends, here are some general guidelines to follow when you’re arranging an outstanding first night.

The tone is set.
Consider the tone you would like to convey. Which do you prefer: lively, comfortable, or romantic?

Whether you prefer soft candles, low-light bulbs, or fairy lights, choose the appropriate illumination.
Pick some music or ambient sound to create the mood you like.

Make a plan that incorporates both your employer’s and your own interests while choosing activities. Activities can range from watching a movie to playing a board game to having a lengthy conversation.
On a romantic evening, nothing beats sharing a meal, staring at the stars, or relaxing with a massage to create a more personal and private setting.

Make the beverages and snacks.
Choose between making dinner together, getting takeout, or making snacks ahead of time.
Make sure you have a variety of drinks on hand, including water, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options, and think about your preferences.

Make Yourself At Home by Keeping Things Neat and Organized.
It is important to make sure that cozy blankets and comfortable seating are available.
To make the room cozier, consider adding some pillows or cushions.

Make sure all of your guests are happy and on the same page by communicating with them about the evening’s plans.
Show flexibility by listening to other people and adjusting your plans accordingly.

If you intend to drink, 

it is highly recommended that you arrange for a sober driver to take you home before you go out.
Make sure you’ve thought of everything and have someone to contact in case of an emergency before you stay.

Relax and disconnect.

Spend less time staring at a screen and more time interacting with your coworkers.
Enjoy the present moment without worrying about the future or anything else.


After the party is finished, sit back and think about the good times and how you could improve for the next time. You can use this to enhance your future encounters.
To have a good time and make some memories that will last a lifetime should be your top priorities when organizing your first night together. Embrace the present and the people you’re spending time with today.